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As you are the reader of this blog you have a right to ask any reasonable questions in the sense regarding these technical posts and advertise etc, we will take your comments seriously and will try to incorporate reasonable suggestions.  We will get back to you if needed.


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  1. hai sir now i am learning java and i have few doubts in some topics i am not satisfied with any books and tutorials including yours so i like to directly communicate with you please help me sir

  2. Hi gowtham….I highly appreciate your effort you put on all the awesome you have a plan to make videos on big data technology like Hadoop,spark..

  3. Hi gowtham,

    Your videos are very useful to me and especially the tamil videos. i loved so much..But there is no videos about servlet. so please put the servlet videos ASAP.
    All the best..

  4. hi,

    your video tutorials are very nice and easily understandable . thanks a lot.

    and pls upload tutorials for hibernate…

    pls do it at the earliest.

    thanks in advance.

  5. Greetings,
    Sir, your java videos in tamil is appreciable. Thanks for that. But in my placement, they ask a mini project question using java and sql. Please help me to crack that round sir.

  6. sir,
    i like very much your all the videos..i need some help from you that was what’s the difference between abstract class and concrete class also interface with program view …

    Thank you,

  7. I like very much u r JAVA in tamil video. I need more video about JAVA in tamil.Its a very good approach, i appreciate your hard work to make this possible.I recommend every freshers and also experienced should make use of it.

    Thank you.


  8. Its a very good approach, i appreciate ur hard work to make this possible..I recommend every freshers should get down with this and make use of it. All the very best..Keep going…

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