atozknowledge Technology in Tamil is a website where you can learn various technologies like java , html , j2ee , spring , cloud computing , Android ,  SDLC , Web apps , Python , Freelancing etc. in Tamil and English.


We provide videos both in Tamil and English with neat and clear examples in practical way.With real time view points.

Online Test

We provide online  test on all topic from basics to high level which will help the students and professionals to clear the doubts and interview.


Events coming soon we planned to have a more interesting and new events . The protocol will we updated soon

Who will get benefit from this web site:

Students form CSE , ECE , IT , Bsc , MCA ,ME , Mtech  and Even non IT students too who ever belongs and Interested to learn computer science and IT related Technology, and even  software engineers, Faculties , Professionals  and many more.

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  1. Hello sir, I want to store data continuously on aws cloud database via .net application and visualize and analyze that data using aws analytics services, can you help me what is the perfect solution for this.

  2. You people having any institution for getting direct training for BIG DATA and cloud computing
    please reply
    Waiting for Good institution to learn BIG Data

  3. Hi sir,

    I am a non IT background student. The way your explanation about data science it’s awesome. Kindly let me your your class address. Would like to join in u r class and wants to become Data scientist. Please help me.


  4. Thanks a lot sir, I don’t scared about java… reason for ur wonderful teaching style…I am addicted to ur YouTube lessons…once again thanks a lot sir..I never forget ur teaching sir..

  5. What is object oriented programming language and object based programming language and why object based programming language don’t support polymorphism and inheritance?

  6. In c++ class and object programs when object is created it allocates memory.In java sometimes we are not creating an object. How does the memory allocate?

  7. Hai Gowtham sir … Your youtube channel is very useful for me.. easy to understand tough concepts… My humble request please upload more videos…

  8. Hi gowtham ji how r u.i like ur theme ur videos are very simple to understand for all thank u very much boss

  9. What are drawbacks of the procedure oriented program and why we need oops?
    What is object why it is called real time entity?

  10. Hello sir ……….

    your tutorials very use full for me…..

    i would like to know “How important java in now days”

  11. Dear Goutham/Saravanan/Team,

    Heartly Thanks for your explanations on Java concepts.
    *SSS – Simple(Technical words are with simple Example)
    – Super (Course structure and Concepts)
    – Stimulate-(to learn java without Fear)

  12. Hi Gowtham, your tutorial is very usefull, its really superb, fantastic .Pl post tutorial for threads and multi threading.
    Thank you

  13. Hi, Gowtham, Really your tutorials are very nice. No one is equal to your knowledge and teaching. Excellllllllent…………..

  14. Hi Sir,

    Your videos are excellent. I need more android videos. I am working Android developer. I would like to learn more from your videos.

  15. Congrats Gowtham and Saravanan. This is very good job . Your videos are more helpfull for tamil medium students and also i need SQlite tamil tutorilas.

  16. well awesome teaching and thanks
    I have to know about flow chart and pseudo code in LBEPS , can u please upload this video in tamil …..

  17. hi
    could you take a class about the software testing process and application like ALM,UFT,SOAP UI, Web services,Selinium in tamil

  18. Boss in File handling i could see only FileInput and File output streams , could you please tell where can i find the others

  19. Hi ,I want to connect java application to oracle database using eclipse.i have class not found error.i try to download jar file from oracle site .in that site it has lot of file.could u pls give me details …thanks in advance

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